Grand Tapestry – Tides

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Alam Khan and Eligh navigate through the mind, body, and soul with their latest Grand Tapestry album, Tides. Released on Gravitas Recordings, Tides reflects the tides of change that the human race, planet, and cosmos are presently experiencing via six original works and three bonus instrumentals. Through further exploration of traditional Indian instruments, Grand Tapestry weaves a distinctive sound that synthesizes cutting edge hip-hop aesthetics into sacred, conscious beats.

Featuring Raaginder on the violin and Kamaljeet Ahluwalia on the santoor, “Seagulls” encircle the beach shore while mankind studies the notion of time and its influence on love. Pensive soundscapes and contemplative rap greet the approaching “Tides” as a guitar, sarod, and cello engage in a powerful, soul-stirring takeover. “Believe” acknowledges the depths of emotions that exist through lively beats and passionate lyricism. Enlisting Jay Gandhi on the bansuri and Zumbi of Zion-I, Grand Tapestry encourages listeners to let the mind go with the medicine through wavy illuminations in “Radiant.” “Youth” is a transformative narrative around the permanence of love and the wonders of the unknown future. Colin Brown joins on the piano for the finale’s virtuous “Iman Kalyan (Evening Raga),” where authentic tanpura and sarod instrumentals return Tides to the ocean.