Govinda – Decadence

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Fitting in the with mantra of the holistic-thinking Gravitas imprint, Govinda is truly ‘doing good with good music.’ “Decadence” is more than a set of tracks strung together, it’s a unique mix of intricate, modernized electronic music, balancing glitch, trance, and sultry vocals in one unique package. Known for his extra-sensory audio and visual live performances, Govinda defies genre stereotypes with an east meets west type of sound and style that is highly inspirational, as extra attention and care is put into incorporating live instruments and organic sounds into his compositions.

Track listing:

  1. Beautiful Mystery
  2. Dervish ft. Nizami (re-edit)
  3. Illuminatum Cor ft. Laurie Ann Wood
  4. House Inside The Mountain ft. Britannia Born
  5. Lasers ft. Paisley Starfire
  6. Every Pool Of Light ft. Britannia Born
  7. Lost My Mind ft. Tina Rodriquez
  8. Waters Balanced