Gater – Neoterik

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Portland, Maine based group Gater comes correct with their jazzy, livetronica EP “Neoterik”. Multi-instrumentation is the name of the game, with electronic elements meshing neatly with traditional accompaniment. The four songs pour in like raindrops on a late summer’s night. Each track has its own distinct flavor, yet shares in the uniting aesthetic of funky bass, sparkling synths, and upbeat grooves. The trio manage to avoid the age old trap of jam band noodling, instead filling each moment with consistently intelligent riffs and phrases. Presented as a free/pay-what-you-want album through the fine folks at Gravitas Music, this release serves as an excellent debut for Gater while simultaneously inspiring confidence for their future offerings.

1. Everything We Do
2. Jangled Nerves
3. Grounded
4. Kapha