Futexture – Genetically Modified Oscillations

1. Cauliflowl
2. Cucumbear
3. Asparagoose
4. Aardvartichoke
5. Eggplantelope
6. Aardvartichoke (Robert Rice’s Watermelvin Rebirth)


The year is 2146. Due to genetic modifications made to commercial crops and animals at the turn of the millennium, there is widespread sexual compatibility between nearly all forms of life on planet Earth. New hybrid species are being discovered every day. Some are terrifying, some are delicious.

Join Futexture on an high-fidelity auditory safari as we explore the mating calls of not only the Aardvartichoke, Caulilflowl, Asparagoose, but also the increasingly rare Cucumbear, and the newly discovered Eggplantelope. The album, “Genetically Modified Oscillations”, is available now for free/pay-what-you-want through Gravitas Recordings. Fans of Tipper, Kilowatts, Eprom, and Bil Bless are sure have their glitchy appetite sated through five original tracks plus a wonderfully chill remix from Robert Rice.