Edamame – Bask Remixed

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Following the release of Edamame’s contemporary 2017 album “Bask”, nine diverse producers come together to reimagine the LP for “Bask Remixed”. Building on original’s percussive and graceful melodies, the remix album creates a unique compilation of emotive yet danceable tracks. Lovers of the first will enjoy this exploration of “Bask” anew; fresh translations allow hidden intricacies room to flourish across the entire collection, out now on Gravitas Recordings.

Tor’s rendition of “Kishi Kaisei” introduces the LP with a hypnotically tribal sound, highlighting handsomely expressive rhythms with an ethereal synthscape. With a slow house-influenced twist, Frameworks’ adaptation blends easily into the Dreamers Delight remix before it shifts to a halftime vibe. Kicking up the energy, Cofresi delivers his interpretation of “Sable”, fusing strong basslines and rhythmic glitch into Edamame’s soothing harmonies. Lapa’s take on “Keys View” keeps up the agile pace with a heavy-hitting beat that gracefully spirals around the track’s serene and alluring musiciality. To finish off the release in dreamlike fashion comes Toonorth’s ethereally downtempo remix of “Lansdelar”, giving a soft landing pad for the listener.