Dysphemic – Adventures of Star Chaser

  1. Moon Cave Party
  2. Swamp Planet
  3. Forces of Tyranny
  4. Death of Star Chaser
  5. Moon Cave Party (Tumble Remix)
  6. Moon Cave Party (Warp9 Remix)

Suggested Price: $3.00

Minimum Price: $0.00


“The Adventures of Star Chaser”, the newest concept album from Australian producer Dysphemic, explores gritty glitch hop with a cinematic spin and is available now from Gravitas Music. Torn from the pages of a retro sci-fi novel, this 6 track EP chronicles the life of the galaxy hopper as he travels the cosmos. Sophisticated percussion sits opposite of dark, synthy soundscapes, weaving tangible imagery of an otherworldly future. Tumble and Warp9 each offer distinctively unique takes on “Moon Cave Party”, giving a welcomed diversion from the linear nature of the release.