DISSØLV – Fluidify

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Enter the next chapter of DISSØLV with Fluidify, now available on Gravitas Recordings. Fluidify presents copious vibrant peaks, deep breakdowns, and melodious journeys to unify sacred and party music within four worldly pieces. The harmonization and fluidity of these two polarities offer an exuberant, genre transcendent experience to DISSØLV the boundaries of traditional heavy bass and conscious music. Listeners of various music communities will embark on a captivating expedition across eclectic soundscapes comprised of live instrumentation, hybrid trap, and deep dubstep.

“The Dissolving” begins the worldly EP with a mysterious and stimulating electro-acoustic composition. Title track “Fluidify” employs a melodic flute that paves the way into deep, energizing dubstep. The opening violin in “Influx” greets listeners on a consciousness-expanding electronic trajectory, incorporated with heavy dubstep and vocal samples. The mind-elevating “Don’t Stop” fuses strings and hybrid trap to formulate an ancient-future beat with ethnic influence, fortifying DISSØLV’s ever-evolving sonic journey.