Comisar – Calling

Calling is a beautiful journey through the Comisar sound and unique style of bass music.

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Calling, out July 29th on Gravitas Recordings, is a beautiful journey through the Comisar sound and unique style of bass music. He creates organic texture and a special atmosphere to everything he touches, and is able to make heavy bass tracks while not overpowering and keeping its beauty. Comisar draws inspiration from nature, lush atmosphere, and psychedelic bass to transport the listener into a different world. This EP is no different and truly brings out his top-tier production and features remixes from a stacked roster of other bass artists hand selected by Comisar. Each track tells its own story and has a very special place in the EP, a true journey through sound.

“Calling” kicks off the EP with captivating nature sounds and drippy bass sound design, building into a very rewarding glitchy drop recreating the atmosphere in a new heavier way. “River” continues the same energy as before painting a visual river with his textures and field recordings, accompanied by subtle piano and amazing sound design with bass and lush synths. “Deep Six” pulls back with catchy vocal chops and synth stabs, building into something much bigger with heavier bass and a groove that is hard not to move to. “Tamarack” builds off this energy and truly pulls all the previous ideas together into a heavier and perfect end to his original tracks on the EP. “Calling” (Orenda Remix) takes the track and creates a heavier bass idea out of the beautiful melodies and atmosphere without overtaking the vibe of the original. “River” (Bass Temple Remix) is another heavier take off of the Comisar original, building on top of the lush textures created in a different way. “Deep Six” (Phurn Remix) ends the EP in a softer and perfect blend, creating an unreal atmosphere with synths, vocal chops and bass that leaves the listener needing more. Each remix feels like a call and response to the original, playing off the heavier and softer vibes that Comisar wanted to explore in different ways.

Released July 29, 2022
Mix, Mastering & Songwriting by Chris Comisar (Comisar)
“Calling” Guitar co-written by Nick Nord & Comisar