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Cofresi skillfully displays a flair for fusing electronic genres in his newest release ‘CODA’, out now on Gravitas Recordings. Well known for his hybrid DJ-drummer live performances, the Chicago-based producer comes correct with five songs that blend influences from various bass heavy classifications. ‘CODA’ employs a diverse array of musical elements; unique vocal samples, thrilling drops and smooth synths are carefully utilized to capture the listener’s attention throughout.

Kicking off the EP, “Hold Me” brings a sensuous sound by way of dreamy lyrics and a lucious rhythm. The soulfully upbeat “Jello” segways the album into a faster pace, making way for the hard-hitting “Origami”. Voluptuous harmonies in “Losing Myself” juxtapose with stimulating synthesis, keeping the audience on their toes. “Crown” features the poetic hip-hop stylings of Calib, ending ‘CODA’ with an energetic bang.