CloZee – Revolution

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French producer Chloe Herry, better known by her stage name CloZee, has spent the better part of the last year on tour between North America and Europe. “Revolution”, her latest pay-what-you-want offering on the Gravitas Music imprint, could be seen as a reflection of those journeys. In some moments, the listener may find themselves deep in a lush forest surrounded by towering trees. Just the next minute, the surroundings morph into an underground venue among sweaty bodies all pulsating to the same beat. The true beauty of CloZee’s music can be found in this subdued yet intricate sophistication; the juxtaposition of elegance and detail create subtle contrast which can be seen swirling together upon observation of any of these five songs.

Her graceful entrance begins with “Anticlimax”, a well named tune that focuses more on the evolving groove and tender melodies than any pronounced drop. The title track cleverly utilizes glitchy percussion to offset the orchestral and middle eastern harmonies. “Sankar’s Lake” gets the body moving with a catchy rhythm and flow, intelligently using bass to keep the pace progressing. Resolving on a haunting tone, “The Path To Heaven” again places focus on the delicate yet impactful drum work, culminating in a perfect conclusion for the album.

1. Anticlimax
2. Revolution
3. Sankar’s Lake
4. Apsara Calling
5. The Path To Heaven