Civilian Sol – When Tomorrow Comes

  1. On The Wall
  2. Dreamers and Schemers
  3. Brother Man
  4. The Heart of a Lion
  5. When Tomorrow Comes
  6. Forgive and Forget
  7. Blinded These Days
  8. We Must Be
  9. Forgive and Forget (Fractal Sky Remix)
  10. Blinded These Days (Kakapo Remix)


Electro Soul and Glitch Hop come together perfectly in Civilian Sol’s newest LP, When Tomorrow Comes, released for free/pay-what-you-want via Gravitas Recordings. The New Zealand native draws on a number of musical eras for use as his tools of the trade, culminating in a 10 track album which delivers both upbeat and relaxed offerings. Smokey brass instrumentation merges with hip hop percussion to create a cohesive aesthetic throughout. A trend of uplifting melody and vocals permeates the release, and when accompanied by remixes from Fractal Sky and Kakapo, this undoubtedly becomes a collection of songs with extensive replay value.