Bassline Drift – Give + Take

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‘Give + Take’, Bassline Drift’s anticipated second full-length album, takes the listener through a euphonic narrative guided by exotically sensual subwoofer rhythms. Rachel “Sink” Lindsay’s hauntingly sultry vocals fuse perfectly with the diversity of other world-music elements, conveyed by producer Keli Marks throughout the 9 track composition. While effortlessly blending a unique array of genre-influences, the duo demonstrates focus on an overall narration; a wide range of fans will feel right at home with the musical synthesis of this LP released via Gravitas Recordings.

Opening on a warm, soft note, the title track showcases classical depth prior to a switch toward meticulous glitchiness via its energy-ramping bass drop. ‘Engine’ flaunts pop-music sensibilities peppered with a unique left-field twist, remaining true to Bassline Drift’s overall “world bass” sound. The vibe takes a colorful turn with ‘The Fortune Teller’; without diverging from the album’s storyline, the track readily floats into electro-gypsy territory. ‘Radha Ramana’ ft. Kirtaniyas continues the exotic vibe, channeling deep, soul shaking bass before ‘Forever Young’ wraps up the release on a somber note.

Mastering: AMB
Artwork: Grymlife

Fortune Teller:
Ari Dvorin – Sax

Kasey Chesnutt of Glass Cannon on Drums

Radha Ramana:
Kirtaniyas – Vijaya Das, Malini Dasi

Mni Wiconi
Mni Wiconi, means “water is life” in the Lakota language.
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