Balkan Bump, Drishti Beats, Ethno, Grand Tapestry, Lil Fish, Morillo, Savej – Tides (The Remixes)

Grand Tapestry presents 5 remixes of their Tides album coming out October 21st.

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Grand Tapestry presents 5 remixes of their Tides album coming out October 21st. Merging hip-hop with classical Indian music, Grand Tapestry bridges that gap featuring Eligh, an independent hip-hop artist known for genre experimentation, and Alam Khan on the 25-stringed fretless instrument called the Sarode, and their diverse collective of collaborators. Tides heavily features traditional Indian instruments fused with Eligh’s distinctive hip-hop sound, creating a dynamic blend of cultures. Now, remixes from Savej, MORiLLO, Lil Fish, Balkan Bump, and Drishti Beats introduce their personal flairs and influence to the sacred, conscious beats.

Savej brings a tropical bass flair to “Seagulls” through organic sounds produced with a variety of instruments like the handpan and while MORiLLO combines passionate lyrics & lively beats in an organic reimagining of “Believe”. MORiLLO’s combination of drum work and production brings a primal flair to each of his projects, making it a truly unique listening experience. Lil Fish remixes “Radiant” with grimey bass reverbs and drops, turning the already hip-hop inspired track into a bass infused wavy illumination. Balkan Bump infuses a summery flare with heavy bass lines and affluent riffs in his “Youth” remix. Ethno and Drishti Beats embrace and add extra flair to the original violin and santoor in their remix of “Seagulls”. Adding in downtempo beats and emotional guitar plucks, the pair round out the remixes of this boundary pushing album.


released October 21, 2021