Atomic Reactor – Beyond Far Remixes

1. Beyond Far (Simpleton Remix)
2. Beyond Far (Gruff Remix)
3. Beyond Far (Omega Remix)
4. Beyond Far (Dubvirus Remix)
5. Beyond Far (Encanti Remix)
6. Beyond Far (Root Mass Remix)
7. Beyond Far (VIP Remix)


Atomic Reactor is a high-powered fission chamber firing particles of glitch at the super-dense bass music scene and a multi genre producer, sound designer and audio engineer from Denver, Colorado. “Beyond Far” is one of those songs that stuck with people throughout their day and weeks. With an all-star cast of remixers including Omega, Gruff, Dubvirus, Encanti, Simpleton and Root Mass, the “Beyond Far Remix EP” released on Gravitas Recordings on July 23rd, hits all the right notes and shows just how far a solid track can go.