AMB – Voices Heard

1. By Myself
2. Barrel of Belief
3. Glided Tour
4. Slow Down
5. Can Hear Your Voice

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“Voices Heard”, the second Gravitas-aimed offering by Hungarian wizard-class producer AMB, follows closely in the footsteps of the former “Going Down” EP delivered last year. Presented like the soundtrack to a post-apocalyptic romance film, the eerie, haunting motif that appears throughout nags at you like an itch you can’t quite reach. An itch that happens time and again, until you’re at long last sated upon reaching the final moments of the journey.

The captivating, pitched vocals on “By Myself” tend to become trapped in your head, steeped alongside sultry guitar and distant, abstract chords. “Barrel of Belief” pulls abundant influence from the quintessential era of breaks and combines it with dark, distorted melodics. The blippy, tech-heavy stylings of “Slow Down” secure it as the most energetic of the five track collection, closely followed by “Can Hear Your Voice” resolving every bit of built up tension with its smooth groove.