Aligning Minds – My Heart Is Remixed

1. My Heart Is Love (Anvil Hands Remix)
2. Weeping Willow (Vano Remix)
3. A Noble Truth (Resonant Language Remix)
4. Folk Lore (Push/Pull Remix)
5. In The Wake of Forever (Androcell Remix)
6. My Heart Is Love (One Hand Clap Remix)
7. Weeping Willow (Ayrun Remix)
8. Ether Perfect (KiloWatts 'Total Blindness' Remix)
9. Oak Kalendar (Krusseldorf Remix)
10. Weeping Willow (ilmli Remix)
11. A Noble Truth (Shortmanb Remix)
12. My Heart Is Love (Psymbionic Remix)
13. In the Wake of Forever (Subaqueous Remix)
14. Weeping Willow (Kermode Remix)
15. A Noble Truth (Heavenly Father Remix)
16. Oak Kalendar (Erothyme Remix)


Delivered earlier this year, the prolific album “My Heart Is Love” from east coast duo Aligning Minds was one of the most downloaded releases of 2013 for Gravitas Recordings. Inspired by their successes and many travels since, Mike Folk and Dan Merrill have put together the new collaborative “My Heart Is Remixed” project. In addition to winners of the official remix contest, the album features many talented and prominent producers who share their re-imagined visions of the original nine songs. The diversity throughout runs strong, as so many unique styles from across the globe swirl together to create an entity simultaneous familiar yet distinct. Habitual genre restraints were shed here long ago, with thoughtful offerings ranging from deep and delicate downtempo all the way to bold and audacious dubstep. Even with such a colorful cast, each remix shares the unifying factors of atmosphere, harmony and ethereal bass presence, giving rise to the cohesive expedition that lies before each listener.

A substantial portion of the revenue from this album will be donated to Critical Beats, a non-profit whose mission is rainforest conservation and sustainable education. No strangers to charity projects, Gravitas and Aligning Minds have linked electronic music together with an important cause, with the help of the remixers such as KiloWatts, Androcell, Psymbionic, Push/Pull, Krusseldorf and many more. Apart from these endeavors, the album remains available as a free download with the hope that as many people as possible will connect with its encompassing sonic message.

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Artwork by Mugwort