Aligning Minds – My Heart Is Love

1. Streaming Live
2. Ether Perfect (feat. Robert Manos)
3. My Heart is Love (refix feat. Robert Manos)
4. A Noble Truth
5. Folk Lore
6. Bright Flames
7. Oak Kalendar
8. Weeping Willow (feat. Born Infinite)
9. In the Wake of Forever (feat. Kristin Callahan)

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Both emotionally stirring and provocative, “My Heart Is Love” is the second LP from East-Coast collaborative brainchild Aligning Minds. The nine track album, due for release January 29th via Gravitas Recordings, is a finely tuned venture evoking imagery of an ethereal future-city. While no two tracks sound the same, Aligning Minds does a beautiful job stitching together this sundry collection of songs seamlessly and in an engaging way. Perfectly blended sections of classic electro and intricate breaks merge with vaporous psychedelic synth-scapes, causing genre lines to blur as the countless influences wash through.

Although the album starts off moody with the ambient “Streaming Live”, things quickly shift gears when “Ether Perfect” ushers in a heavy dose of modulating sub. Meticulous sound design marks the melancholy title track, but the tension repeatedly resolves with each new tier the piece traverses. “A Noble Truth” and “In The Wake of Forever” both opt for more of a hip hop pace, trading agile shuffles for an abiding percussive stroke. The textured saw-waves that make up the bassline in “Bright Flames” add to an overall nebulous vibe, later cemented with haunting, stuttering strings. “Weeping Willow” alters the progression near the close with a bold 2-step beat, accentuated by a multiplex of blips and clicks.