AHEE – Spellbound

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Have you ever walked down a city street late at night, stepped into a phone booth, and accidentally discovered a portal to a jungle world, crowded with lasers and lights? If not, the closest parallel is listening to Spellbound, AHEE’s latest EP. Spellbound combines old school music with modern production to produce jungle vibes in a city warehouse. Throughout five adventurous tracks, Spellbound offers a journey through uncharted realms of electronic music, merging classic rave sounds with hypnotic tribal elements to create an immersive experience for all.

Dropped onto the midst of a modern warehouse dancefloor, listeners groove out alongside the “iLLest Alien” through a course of dynamic house frequencies. Nature’s tranquil noises soon launch “Spellbound” into a jungle of ethnic instrumentation that becomes immersed within the space bass environment. After finding your way back to the main dancefloor, AHEE and Dan Konopka greet you to “Late Night Beats” that provide experimental, yet energetic breakbeats. Leaving the event, listeners are treated to an “Alien Popsicle,” which tantalize tastebuds with a fast-pace and tense rave buildup into a gratifying Big Beat drop. Once the popsicle nears completion, unknown forces interfere and cause it to burst, resulting in a didgeridoo that transfers you back to the phone booth completely “Splattermouth”-ed, questioning what had happened.

Artist’s Note: “Splattermouth” was produced with a sample pack called “Wet Didgeridoo” that AHEE created with William Thoren, which is currently available on Splice. More information on AHEE and William Thoren’s sample pack: splice.com/sounds/dome-of-doom/wet-didgeridoo-pack