• Hello Yes – Listen Clearly

    Suggested Price: $5.00
    Hello Yes introduces their debut EP, “Listen Clearly”, available for streaming and purchase on May 13, 2022. Through these sundry sounds, the Hello Yes project explores themes of trust, pain, and anguish in relationships, often referring to the emotional imprint experiences have on our mind’s psyche. Although these themes are often quite heavy, the approach they take showcases their refreshing sound to connect with the listener, creating a feeling of ease and authenticity with the energy they exemplify. Their previous covers have received support from Emotional Oranges, Avant Garden Records, and more. Having toured with Zhu, playing the likes of Lollapalooza, EDC, Life is Beautiful, Lightning in a Bottle, Bonnaroo and more, Hello Yes is stepping into the spotlight. 
  • Hello Yes – Talk of Town

    Suggested Price: $5.00
    ‘Talk of Town’, out April 22nd on Gravitas Recordings is the third and last single before their debut EP ‘Listen Clearly’. Talk of Town exhibits the high spirit Hello Yes brings to the table, and explores the dynamic of relationships, complicated emotions that are brought to the surface, and the frustrations love presents. 
  • Hello Yes – Moon Cloud

    Suggested Price: $5.00
    The world has now gotten a feel for the sound of Hello Yes, and there is no plan on slowing down. ‘Moon Cloud’, out April 1st, is the second single from the duo, diving into the euphoric feelings of love, acceptance, and understanding. The groove the pair brings is undeniable, showing their talents of integrating various genres, always leaving you wanting more.
  • Hello Yes – Praise You

    Suggested Price: $5.00
    Hello Yes returns with their second cover Praise You. Inspired by the original track by Fatboy Slim released in 1998, Hello Yes’ cover brings a high energy reimagining of the classic. 80s inspired guitar synths meet a lush saxophone to create a modern exploration of the original. Built around a solid vocal melody, listeners can easily get lost dancing to this track. 
  • Hello Yes – Belong

    Suggested Price: $5.00
    This high energy cover of Slender Bodies Belong kicks off the Hello Yes project. Lush guitar lines and vocal melodies capture listeners right off of the bat and introduce the profound vocals of the duo. Soulful horns paired with upbeat drums bring high energy that is perfect for a multitude of settings like work, a day party with friends, or a kickback on the weekend.    Hello Yes connected with Slender Bodies while working with Emotional Oranges and the inspiration for a cover rolled in. This cover embodies the energy of Hello Yes, and is a preview into the sound listeners can expect from their debut EP coming out in 2022. 
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