• Bass Temple – The Beginning

    Suggested Price: $5.00
    The Beginning, out June 3rd on Gravitas Recordings, is a journey of introspection, blending both masculine and feminine energy and providing moments of movement. This is quite literally “The Beginning” for Bass Temple as she has been making a name for herself playing shows at The Black Box, Denver Ecstatic Dance, CloZee’s Voyage Festival, and many more. Bass Temple’s sound captures a mix of psychedelic and reflective bass music, creating a more intentional listening experience. With recent releases from High Vibes Recordings, this EP showcases the freedom to explore new sounds and ideas that felt true to where her sound has musically grown.  
  • Lil Fish – Wild

    Suggested Price: $5.00
    Wild, out May 27th on Gravitas Recordings, is a journey through bass and urban beats that showcases Lil Fish’s vibrant sound. Lil Fish has had support from massive producers ever since his first LP in 2016 featuring artists such as Al’Tarba, CloZinger, Arure, Screenatorium and many more. His sound captures a blend of Trip-Hop, and Bass music to create a unique blend of sound.  With recent releases making waves on Gravitas Recordings, this new EP ties these all together to highlight the style of Lil Fish and what the future holds.  
  • Liquid Bloom, Savej, Gracia Maria, TAS Visuals and Gravitas Recordings have teamed up to honor and celebrate the indigenous cultures of the Amazon with the release of Cielo Aya. Proceeds from this release will be going to both Futuro Nativo and Alianza Arkana. Futuro Nativa supports sustainable economic growth in indigenous Amazonian communities and Alianza Arkana is a grass-roots alliance protecting the Peruvian Amazon by supporting its people and traditions.
  • TRIGO – Primal

    Suggested Price: $5.00
  • 1. AMB - Sent By Stars 2. Mr. Bill - Skweeroskiz 3. ill-esha - Rennaissance 4. Dubvirus - Scarab 5. Psymbionic & Esseks - Static 6. Of The Trees - Mekanos 7. Unlimited Gravity - Mind Misplacement 8. Bassline Drift - Sleepless Nights 9. Kermode & Monad Moon - The Knight 10. Elevated Mind - Culvert 11. Spoken Bird - Divination 12. Mindex - Boeing 420 13. DELTAnine - Trilla 14. Dysphemic - Space Snorkel 15. The Digital Connection - Architype 16. Randy Seidman - Come Back To Me ft. Rogerio Jardim & Tommy Cunningham
  • 1. CloZee - On The Riverbank 2. Bassline Drift - Drink The Water Down 3. AMB - Ripple 4. The Digital Connection - Sahara 5. D.V.S* - Burst 6. The OriGinALz - 1Up 7. Rion King - Stay Fly 8. Space Jesus & Esseks - Ever Win 9. Duffrey - Deeper 10. Of The Trees - Bad Acid 11. Perkulat0r - Deceptive 12. Spoken Bird - Madrugada 13. Dysphemic - Planet Lost 14. Psy Fi - Evacuate 15. Kermode & Dalton Richmond - Twist Off 16. Intellitard - The Velvet Dungeon 17. Mugsy - Perhaps 18. Soulular - Seasons Change 19. 9th Leap - Pieces 20. Aligning Minds - Deep Trench
  • 1. Psychic Projections (Shwex Remix) 2. ZEEDM (Samples Remix) 3. Temple (LOEJ Remix) 4. Psychic Projections (Bogtrotter Remix) 5. Totem (Bwoy De Bhajan Remix) 6. Psychic Projections (The Digital Connection Remix) 7. Temple (Moduloktopus Remix)
  • 1. Laugh 2. Quartz 3. Awake 4. Goddess 5. Listen 6. I Am 7. Time
    1. Schizophrenic Mystic
    2. Empty Space
    3. Right Brain Boogie
    4. Withinity