• 1. How Do You Feel 2. Check The Vibe 3. Nobody Does It Better 4. Back In The Day 5. Never Give Up 6. Time's Are Changing
  • Mr. Bill – CSS 24-27

    Suggested Price: $3.00
    From his adopted home of Denver, Colorado, the Australian native Mr. Bill has compiled four tracks as his newest release for Gravitas Recordings, entitled “CSS 24-27”. The EP serves as part of his “Corrective Scene Surgery” series, where Bill and visual artist Funi collaborate on the release of singles which slowly unfold a story, song by song. . A polished synthesis of funky, memorable melody and imaginative sound design set the pace for this release, with each of the four tracks offering a unique glimpse of the muse which Mr. Bill draws from. This latest musical offering comes in anticipation of a 30 date tour spanning the United States and Canada, and will include Bill performing a live set with drummer Andrew Hutchings plus supporting act Circuit Bent and a custom visual production from Black Market Armoire. Grab the full EP as a free/pay-what-you-want release, and make sure to catch the tour when it comes to your town!
  • 1. Cheyah (Original Mix) 2. Cheyah (Haywyre Remix) 3. Cheyah (CloZee Remix) 4. Cheyah (Psymbionic & Great Scott Remix) 5. Cheyah (GRUFF Remix) 6. Cheyah (Osiris & Sooko Remix) 7. Cheyah (Somatoast Remix)
  • 1. Stardust Redux (Psymbionic Remix) 2. Stardust Redux (Perkulat0r Remix) 3. Stardust Redux (Crywolf Remix) 4. Bloom (ill-esha Remix) 5. Bloom (D.V.S* Remix) 6. Stardust Redux (Filibusta Remix) 7. Stardust Redux (Nanda Remix)
  • 1. The East 2. Turn It Loose 3. Break The Chain 4. Only if It's Right 5. Reminisce
  • 1. How Do You Feel 2. Check The Vibe 3. Nobody Does It Better 4. Back In The Day 5. Never Give Up 6. Time's Are Changing
  • 1. On The Line 2. All Time High 3. The Underground 4. Taking Your Love 5. Forgive Me 6. Loose Ends
  • 1. The City 2. Space Ride 3. Retro Future 4. And It's All Right
  • 1. See Where The Night Goes 2. Supperfunk 3. Here Comes The One 4. Radar Junkie
  • 1. Bottled Up 2. Eternal Houseguest 3. Heartpocalypse 4. Foreign Emotions ft. Zipporah 5. Sundrops 6. Bad Spell 7. Razor Sharp 8. Halvation 9. Saturn Returned 10. Whiplash Recovery (Full Version) 11. Whiplash Recovery (Radio Edit) 12. Whiplash Recovery (G Jones Remix) 13. Whiplash Recovery (The Digital Connection Remix)
  • 1. Lighthouse (Mr. Bill Remix) 2. Crossroads (Buku Remix) 3. Trembling Perfect ft. SAUCEmonster (Amp Live Remix) 4. Open Heart Surgery (ChrisB. Remix) 5. Dominoes (Brede & The Digital Connection Remix) 6. Crossroads (Psymbionic & D.V.S* Remix) 7. Sanctuary (Perkulat0r Remix) 8. High Voltage Storms (kLL sMTH Remix) 9. The Letter (The OriGinALz Remix) 10. Happiness Is Lonely (ONE4ALL Remix) 11. Dominoes (sAuce Remix) 12. New Beginnings (CloZee Remix) 13. Trembling Perfect ft. SAUCEmonster (Russ Liquid Remix)