• 1. The East 2. Turn It Loose 3. Break The Chain 4. Only if It's Right 5. Reminisce
  • 1. Entheogen 2. Just Feelings 3. City Skylights 4. Get Lucid 5. Descending Ascendance 6. Cheez Wiz n' Crackers 7. Abnormal Existence 8. Morning Blossoms 9. Get Lucid (FiLiBuStA Remix) 10. Get Lucid (LabRat Remix)
  • 1. TenCityLove 2. Snow Cave 3. I See The Light ft. Krooked Drivers 4. Southern Sparrow 5. Factalicious
  • 1. Fever Trip 2. Hyperflux 3. Absolution 4. Last Request
    1. Schizophrenic Mystic
    2. Empty Space
    3. Right Brain Boogie
    4. Withinity
  • 1. Perceptronium 2. Follow The Bubbles 3. Neuron Dialect 4. Freakquency 5. Immediacy ft. Ganavya
    1. Moon Cave Party
    2. Swamp Planet
    3. Forces of Tyranny
    4. Death of Star Chaser
    5. Moon Cave Party (Tumble Remix)
    6. Moon Cave Party (Warp9 Remix)
  • 1. Unwritten Pages (feat. The Calm Project) 2. The Poetic Assassin 3. Looking For The White Tiger 4. Earth To Nothingness 5. Lantern Dance (feat. Swal)
  • “Freefall”, the newest collaborative project from the noteworthy team of producer Au5 and vocalist Cristina Soto, is available now on Gravitas Music. Each song on the four track EP has a way of being concurrently uplifting and ferocious, stirring a range of emotional response. The duo’s obvious talents interplay effortlessly; Au5’s superb songwriting establishes the ideal foundation for Cristina’s luscious yet poignant lyrical splendor, culminating in a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Like a prelude for a winter dreamland, the album begins with the title track’s blissful, orchestral introduction before morphing into a hard-hitting electro anthem. Next, “Shock Diamond” forges ahead with a midtempo-turned-DnB affair, sporting impeccable sound design and vocal hooks sure to haunt your brain for days to come. The EP wraps up with the vividly powerful “Emergence”, quickly followed by an Au5 remix of the tune which takes the assailing original and dials it back for a more subdued, cinematic interpretation.
  • Cualli – The Monk of Chunk

    Suggested Price: $3.00

    Cualli’s latest EP, “The Monk of Chunk,” is a colorful blend of meticulously crafted sound design and adventurous musicality. Within these five tracks, Cualli delves deep into the swung out rhythms of Dilla-era hip hop; the fusion of slippery synthesis and immense sub pressure with these rhythms comes across as chaotic yet careful in its execution. Beyond drawing inspiration from both mid-tempo bass music and halftime drum ’n bass, the release sits within a world of personal experiences and field recordings from various international nature locations such as the Amazon of Peru, the Northern California redwoods, and the Himalayas. Released as a pay-what-you-want album via Gravitas Recordings, the EP exudes a unique quality that speaks both of his personal experience as well as a broader sense of the world of nature. Through this music, Cualli hopes to inspire feelings of awe and respect for the majesty of nature as well as provide a vision for the potential artistic beauty in the synthesis between humans, technology and the environment.
  • AMB – Voices Heard

    Suggested Price: $4.00
    1. By Myself 2. Barrel of Belief 3. Glided Tour 4. Slow Down 5. Can Hear Your Voice
    1. On The Wall
    2. Dreamers and Schemers
    3. Brother Man
    4. The Heart of a Lion
    5. When Tomorrow Comes
    6. Forgive and Forget
    7. Blinded These Days
    8. We Must Be
    9. Forgive and Forget (Fractal Sky Remix)
    10. Blinded These Days (Kakapo Remix)
  • CloZee – Harmony

    Suggested Price: $3.00

  • 1. Retroflux 2. Mellifluent 3. Crushmode ft. WET PAiNT 4. Transcend 5. Ascension 6. Orbital 7. Mellifluent (CloZee Remix) 8. Transcend (Dubvirus Remix)
  • 1. Make Me 2. Going Down 3. Sweet Bronze 4. Night Slide 5. One 11 One 10 6. First Light 7. Night Slide (The Widdler Remix)
  • 1. How Do You Feel 2. Check The Vibe 3. Nobody Does It Better 4. Back In The Day 5. Never Give Up 6. Time's Are Changing
  • 1. How Do You Feel 2. Check The Vibe 3. Nobody Does It Better 4. Back In The Day 5. Never Give Up 6. Time's Are Changing
  • 1. Perceptronium (Of The Trees Remix) 2. Freakquency (Space Jesus Remix) 3. Follow The Bubbles (SugarBeats Remix) 4. Immediacy (The Digital Connection Remix) 5. Freakquency (Freddy Todd Remix) 6. Perceptronium (Blaze Mundo Remix) 7. Immediacy (Ian Cahill Remix) 8. Perceptronium (Micetro x Casual Magic Remix) 9. Immediacy (GrymeTyme Remix) 10. Perceptronium (Sacred Sound Remix)
    1. Mr. Bill - Cheyah
    2. edIT - Pound 4 Pound
    3. Govinda - Another Night Gone
    4. Gramatik - 23 Flavors
    5. Psymbionic - Luminous
    6. Starkey - Resident 27
    7. Sugarpill - Farther
    8. SPL & Eye D - Incoming
    9. Mochipet - King Ghidorah
    10. ONE4ALL & The Digital Connection - Returning to Inspiration
    11. Minnesota - Stardust
    12. Gladkill - Cruise Control
    13. Unlimited Gravity - Cataplessa
    14. Russ Liquid - Doce Tristeza
    15. Cryptex - Breaker
    16. Knight Riderz - Love is Blind
    17. Kraddy - Operation Prometheus
  • Govinda – Decadence

    Suggested Price: $5.00