• Hello Yes – Talk of Town

    Suggested Price: $5.00
    ‘Talk of Town’, out April 22nd on Gravitas Recordings is the third and last single before their debut EP ‘Listen Clearly’. Talk of Town exhibits the high spirit Hello Yes brings to the table, and explores the dynamic of relationships, complicated emotions that are brought to the surface, and the frustrations love presents. 
  • Hello Yes – Moon Cloud

    Suggested Price: $5.00
    The world has now gotten a feel for the sound of Hello Yes, and there is no plan on slowing down. ‘Moon Cloud’, out April 1st, is the second single from the duo, diving into the euphoric feelings of love, acceptance, and understanding. The groove the pair brings is undeniable, showing their talents of integrating various genres, always leaving you wanting more.
  • Zingara – Mind & Body

    Suggested Price: $5.00
    Mind and Body, out March 15th on Gravitas Recordings, is a true testament of Zingara’s sound. Gaining traction non stop between going on the road with SubDocta for his “Strictly No Business” tour, announcing support for Subtronics’ ‘Cyclops Rocks’, and continually going viral on TikTok, she is a quickly rising force in the underground bass scene. Inspired by her love of spirituality and witchcraft, she seamlessly makes waves from start to finish in her first ever EP.
  • Hello Yes – Out of My Mind

    Suggested Price: $5.00
    Having made a splash with their first two releases, Hello Yes has returned with their first original track, “Out of My Mind”, available for streaming and purchase on March, 11, 2022. Having toured with Zhu, playing the likes of Lollapalooza, EDC, Life is Beautiful, Lightning in a Bottle, Bonnaroo and more, Hello Yes is stepping into the spotlight.
  • Tropo – Siente Tu Corazón

    Suggested Price: $5.00
  • Cloudchord – Imprint

    Suggested Price: $3.00

  • Psy Fi – Totality

    Suggested Price: $5.00

  • Electrocado – Scribble

    Suggested Price: $4.00
    1. By Myself 2. Barrel of Belief 3. Glided Tour 4. Slow Down 5. Can Hear Your Voice