1. On The Wall
    2. Dreamers and Schemers
    3. Brother Man
    4. The Heart of a Lion
    5. When Tomorrow Comes
    6. Forgive and Forget
    7. Blinded These Days
    8. We Must Be
    9. Forgive and Forget (Fractal Sky Remix)
    10. Blinded These Days (Kakapo Remix)
  • 1. Psychic Projections (Shwex Remix) 2. ZEEDM (Samples Remix) 3. Temple (LOEJ Remix) 4. Psychic Projections (Bogtrotter Remix) 5. Totem (Bwoy De Bhajan Remix) 6. Psychic Projections (The Digital Connection Remix) 7. Temple (Moduloktopus Remix)
  • Champagne Dreams,out May 6th on Gravitas Recordings, is a true testament of High Step Society’s sound. The group has been creating buzz while making stops on their “High Step Society Spring Tour, and gearing up for their sets at both Lightning In a Bottle and Summer Meltdown Festival, they have no plans to slow down. Inspired by the perseverance and evolution that the group went through in the midst of the pandemic, Champagne Dreams is the creative outlet High Step Society cultivated, bringing in feelings of ease in times of uncertainty.  
  • 1. BT - The Gathering Darkness 2. Dual Core - Fear and Chaos (Dale Chase Remix) 3. ytcracker - Bitcoin Baron 4. BLEO - The Carterfone Decision 5. Swinging Rabbits - Monster (Gunslinger vs Blare Remix) 6. Psymbionic & Great Scott - Computronium 7. Gramatik - Talkbox Intended 8. PANTyRAiD - Jokes from the Backseat 9. DJ RoboRob - The Great Divide ft. Dual Core 10. BREDE - Crush On 11. Karton - Chase It High (Left/Right Remix) 12. Royal Sapien presents No Context - For the Breakers (DEF CON Edit) 13. Son of the Electric Ghost - Beat It Kids 14. Nick Stoynoff presents NOFF - Aryt 15. A.E. Burdick - Room 101 16. Faderhead - Free 17. MDMM - Octopus (Redux) 18. Vigilante - It's Our Time (Electro Version) 19. BlakOPz - BlakOUt 20. Bud Melvin - Trolling is a Art
  • 1. On The Line 2. All Time High 3. The Underground 4. Taking Your Love 5. Forgive Me 6. Loose Ends
  • Creation is Creation, out February 25th on Gravitas Recordings, is a philosophical inquiry regarding the alchemy of creativity. Inspired by nature, Somatoast makes use of the natural world to serve technical, musical purposes. Seeds pods make shakers and icicles are a percussive ensemble. This electro-acoustic fusion spans six original tracks and four remixes– marking another unique development in Somatoast’s ever-evolving sound
  • 1. If You Fall In Love 2. Astro Raph & Audio Diplomats - Inside Your Arms 3. The Way You Move ft. Bias & Keen Klaws 4. Eternal Spirit 5. Original Bad Boy 6. Astro Raph & Audio Diplomats - Inside Your Arms (Wolf-e-Wolf Remix) 7. Astro Raph & Audio Diplomats - Inside Your Arms (Soulular Remix)
  • 1. Heartblaster 2. Touch 3. Existence 4. Like Lightning 5. Icaro 6. Internal Galaxies 7. Believer