• Ian Snow – Above The Clouds

    Suggested Price: $5.00
    Above The Clouds, out June 17th on Gravitas Recordings, is a powerful experience through sound, blending heavy bass and melodic synths for a hard hitting release ready for a massive crowd.  After years performing under the alias, SNOWMASS, Ian has removed the helmet and leveled up his sound.  He has made a name for himself playing huge festivals such as Electric Forest, Lost Lands, Spring Awakening, Camp Bisco, Global Dance Festival and more.  In 2020 Ian was ready to unveil his new name and brand, and as the pandemic hit he took the opportunity to focus on his music and style.  After years of finding his true sound and watching life return back to normal, Ian Snow has finally taken the stage and is bringing his ferocious energy to the dancefloor.     
  • Mr. Ours – Ethnic Parallel

    Suggested Price: $5.00
    When the world was initially put on lockdown and the future felt uncertain, Mr. Ours decided to take that time to reflect on what his typical working methods were, and focus back on his musical roots. He  believed this was the perfect time to evolve his sound while producing what feels most true to himself. Ethnic Parallel is an inspiring journey to the heart of music and its diversity. Mr. Ours invites us, through his colorful and exotic tracks, to leave what we know, to discover new sound and musical horizons. Between bass music, trap and world music, "Ethnic Parallel" is an inspiring and powerful EP at the same time.
  • Zingara – Mind & Body

    Suggested Price: $5.00
    Mind and Body, out March 15th on Gravitas Recordings, is a true testament of Zingara’s sound. Gaining traction non stop between going on the road with SubDocta for his “Strictly No Business” tour, announcing support for Subtronics’ ‘Cyclops Rocks’, and continually going viral on TikTok, she is a quickly rising force in the underground bass scene. Inspired by her love of spirituality and witchcraft, she seamlessly makes waves from start to finish in her first ever EP.
  • TRIGO – Primal

    Suggested Price: $5.00
  • Savej – Solstice Remixes

    Suggested Price: $5.00
  • Josh Teed – The Journey East

    Suggested Price: $5.00
  • CloZee – Harmony

    Suggested Price: $3.00

  • Cualli – The Monk of Chunk

    Suggested Price: $3.00

    Cualli’s latest EP, “The Monk of Chunk,” is a colorful blend of meticulously crafted sound design and adventurous musicality. Within these five tracks, Cualli delves deep into the swung out rhythms of Dilla-era hip hop; the fusion of slippery synthesis and immense sub pressure with these rhythms comes across as chaotic yet careful in its execution. Beyond drawing inspiration from both mid-tempo bass music and halftime drum ’n bass, the release sits within a world of personal experiences and field recordings from various international nature locations such as the Amazon of Peru, the Northern California redwoods, and the Himalayas. Released as a pay-what-you-want album via Gravitas Recordings, the EP exudes a unique quality that speaks both of his personal experience as well as a broader sense of the world of nature. Through this music, Cualli hopes to inspire feelings of awe and respect for the majesty of nature as well as provide a vision for the potential artistic beauty in the synthesis between humans, technology and the environment.
  • “Freefall”, the newest collaborative project from the noteworthy team of producer Au5 and vocalist Cristina Soto, is available now on Gravitas Music. Each song on the four track EP has a way of being concurrently uplifting and ferocious, stirring a range of emotional response. The duo’s obvious talents interplay effortlessly; Au5’s superb songwriting establishes the ideal foundation for Cristina’s luscious yet poignant lyrical splendor, culminating in a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Like a prelude for a winter dreamland, the album begins with the title track’s blissful, orchestral introduction before morphing into a hard-hitting electro anthem. Next, “Shock Diamond” forges ahead with a midtempo-turned-DnB affair, sporting impeccable sound design and vocal hooks sure to haunt your brain for days to come. The EP wraps up with the vividly powerful “Emergence”, quickly followed by an Au5 remix of the tune which takes the assailing original and dials it back for a more subdued, cinematic interpretation.
  • Mr. Bill – CSS 24-27

    Suggested Price: $3.00
    From his adopted home of Denver, Colorado, the Australian native Mr. Bill has compiled four tracks as his newest release for Gravitas Recordings, entitled “CSS 24-27”. The EP serves as part of his “Corrective Scene Surgery” series, where Bill and visual artist Funi collaborate on the release of singles which slowly unfold a story, song by song. . A polished synthesis of funky, memorable melody and imaginative sound design set the pace for this release, with each of the four tracks offering a unique glimpse of the muse which Mr. Bill draws from. This latest musical offering comes in anticipation of a 30 date tour spanning the United States and Canada, and will include Bill performing a live set with drummer Andrew Hutchings plus supporting act Circuit Bent and a custom visual production from Black Market Armoire. Grab the full EP as a free/pay-what-you-want release, and make sure to catch the tour when it comes to your town!
  • 1. AMB - Sent By Stars 2. Mr. Bill - Skweeroskiz 3. ill-esha - Rennaissance 4. Dubvirus - Scarab 5. Psymbionic & Esseks - Static 6. Of The Trees - Mekanos 7. Unlimited Gravity - Mind Misplacement 8. Bassline Drift - Sleepless Nights 9. Kermode & Monad Moon - The Knight 10. Elevated Mind - Culvert 11. Spoken Bird - Divination 12. Mindex - Boeing 420 13. DELTAnine - Trilla 14. Dysphemic - Space Snorkel 15. The Digital Connection - Architype 16. Randy Seidman - Come Back To Me ft. Rogerio Jardim & Tommy Cunningham
  • Somatoast – Goop

    Suggested Price: $3.00
    Austin native Somatoast returns with his second Gravitas album release, ‘Goop’, available now on all digital outlets. No stranger to the experimental and psychedelic realms of electronic music, Mark Rubin draws on IDM and glitch influences to provide a seven track sonic thrill ride full of visceral soundscapes and alluring melodies. Intricate sound design is his hallmark, and with finesse he effortlessly incorporates his refined palette into both dubby and downtempo frameworks.
  • Bassline Drift – Proximity

    Suggested Price: $3.00
  • Supersillyus – Charade

    Suggested Price: $3.00
  • Cristina Soto – All I Need

    Suggested Price: $3.00
  • Govinda – Decadence

    Suggested Price: $5.00
  • 1. Painted White 2. Painted White (Au5 & Fractal Remix) 3. Painted White (Clockvice Remix)
  • AMB – Voices Heard

    Suggested Price: $4.00
    1. By Myself 2. Barrel of Belief 3. Glided Tour 4. Slow Down 5. Can Hear Your Voice
  • 1. Perceptronium (Of The Trees Remix) 2. Freakquency (Space Jesus Remix) 3. Follow The Bubbles (SugarBeats Remix) 4. Immediacy (The Digital Connection Remix) 5. Freakquency (Freddy Todd Remix) 6. Perceptronium (Blaze Mundo Remix) 7. Immediacy (Ian Cahill Remix) 8. Perceptronium (Micetro x Casual Magic Remix) 9. Immediacy (GrymeTyme Remix) 10. Perceptronium (Sacred Sound Remix)
  • Dubvirus – Phosphenes

    Suggested Price: $4.00
    1. Phosphenes 2. Ratch It 3. Tranced 4. Surface Tension 5. The Tronic 6. Lovesick
  • 1. Mannequin Skywalker 2. Don' Bite Me 3. Slomosapian ft. D.V.S* 4. Dream Whirled 5. Mannequin Skywalker (Freddy Todd Remix) 6. Don' Bite Me (Jade Cicada Remix) 7. Slomosapian ft. D.V.S* (Yheti Remix) 8. Dream Whirled (Zebbler Encanti Experience Remix)
  • The OriGinALz – Intravenous

    Suggested Price: $3.00
    1. By Neptune ft. The Digital Connection 2. Deep Within 3. Hidden Treasures 4. Star Seed 5. West Side Comin' Thru ft. Knight Riderz 6. Intravenous 7. Purple Unicorn 8. Intravenous (LabRat Remix) 9. By Neptune ft. The Digital Connection (Bleep Bloop Remix) 10. West Side Comin' Thru ft. Knight Riderz (Stylust Beats Remix) 11. Purple Unicorn (Perkulat0r Remix)
  • 1. CloZee - On The Riverbank 2. Bassline Drift - Drink The Water Down 3. AMB - Ripple 4. The Digital Connection - Sahara 5. D.V.S* - Burst 6. The OriGinALz - 1Up 7. Rion King - Stay Fly 8. Space Jesus & Esseks - Ever Win 9. Duffrey - Deeper 10. Of The Trees - Bad Acid 11. Perkulat0r - Deceptive 12. Spoken Bird - Madrugada 13. Dysphemic - Planet Lost 14. Psy Fi - Evacuate 15. Kermode & Dalton Richmond - Twist Off 16. Intellitard - The Velvet Dungeon 17. Mugsy - Perhaps 18. Soulular - Seasons Change 19. 9th Leap - Pieces 20. Aligning Minds - Deep Trench
  • LeMoti – Olive Oil & Octopus

    Suggested Price: $3.00
    1. Bellina The Octopus 2. Shades of Blue 3. Out From Under 4. 107th Part Deux 5. Turn Around 6. Out From Under (Torvvo Remix) 7. 107th Part Deux (Buku Remix)
  • Ahab – Osiris

    Suggested Price: $3.00
    1. Occult 2. Serbia 3. Mecca ft. Nick Van House 4. Osiris  
  • Wolf-e-Wolf – Purple Planet

    Suggested Price: $3.00
    1. Purple Planet
    2. Marble Palace
    3. Star Sniper
    4. Savage Land
    5. 2020
    6. Frost Byte
    7. Crystal Cave
    8. Star Sniper (Of The Trees Remix)
    9. Purple Planet (Shlump Remix)