• 1. AMB - Sent By Stars 2. Mr. Bill - Skweeroskiz 3. ill-esha - Rennaissance 4. Dubvirus - Scarab 5. Psymbionic & Esseks - Static 6. Of The Trees - Mekanos 7. Unlimited Gravity - Mind Misplacement 8. Bassline Drift - Sleepless Nights 9. Kermode & Monad Moon - The Knight 10. Elevated Mind - Culvert 11. Spoken Bird - Divination 12. Mindex - Boeing 420 13. DELTAnine - Trilla 14. Dysphemic - Space Snorkel 15. The Digital Connection - Architype 16. Randy Seidman - Come Back To Me ft. Rogerio Jardim & Tommy Cunningham
  • Cristina Soto – All I Need

    Suggested Price: $3.00
  • 1. Perceptronium (Of The Trees Remix) 2. Freakquency (Space Jesus Remix) 3. Follow The Bubbles (SugarBeats Remix) 4. Immediacy (The Digital Connection Remix) 5. Freakquency (Freddy Todd Remix) 6. Perceptronium (Blaze Mundo Remix) 7. Immediacy (Ian Cahill Remix) 8. Perceptronium (Micetro x Casual Magic Remix) 9. Immediacy (GrymeTyme Remix) 10. Perceptronium (Sacred Sound Remix)
  • The OriGinALz – Intravenous

    Suggested Price: $3.00
    1. By Neptune ft. The Digital Connection 2. Deep Within 3. Hidden Treasures 4. Star Seed 5. West Side Comin' Thru ft. Knight Riderz 6. Intravenous 7. Purple Unicorn 8. Intravenous (LabRat Remix) 9. By Neptune ft. The Digital Connection (Bleep Bloop Remix) 10. West Side Comin' Thru ft. Knight Riderz (Stylust Beats Remix) 11. Purple Unicorn (Perkulat0r Remix)
  • Gravitas artists CryptexThe Digital ConnectionONE4ALL,ChrisB.Aligning Minds, PsymbionicPharoBrede, Spoken Bird,  Galvanix, and Soulular,  all contributed to this FAT PACK of Massive Patches.  Grab em, use em, abuse em and please let us know if you make something with them and want to show it off.  Make a track using these and upload to our SoundCloud group and will show you some love on our website and socials.
  • Noverture Vol. 1 Sample Pack

    Suggested Price: $5.00
    Imagine the feelings and sensations from the natural world combined with the magical, larger-than-life vibes created in the digital world. This is Noverture. Show Us What You Can DO! Make a track using any of these tunes and submit it to our SoundCloud group and we'll highlight the best ones on this page and our social media. 200 MB of field recordings from the Gravitas Recordings collective.
  • 1. Lighthouse (Mr. Bill Remix) 2. Crossroads (Buku Remix) 3. Trembling Perfect ft. SAUCEmonster (Amp Live Remix) 4. Open Heart Surgery (ChrisB. Remix) 5. Dominoes (Brede & The Digital Connection Remix) 6. Crossroads (Psymbionic & D.V.S* Remix) 7. Sanctuary (Perkulat0r Remix) 8. High Voltage Storms (kLL sMTH Remix) 9. The Letter (The OriGinALz Remix) 10. Happiness Is Lonely (ONE4ALL Remix) 11. Dominoes (sAuce Remix) 12. New Beginnings (CloZee Remix) 13. Trembling Perfect ft. SAUCEmonster (Russ Liquid Remix)