• Creation is Creation, out February 25th on Gravitas Recordings, is a philosophical inquiry regarding the alchemy of creativity. Inspired by nature, Somatoast makes use of the natural world to serve technical, musical purposes. Seeds pods make shakers and icicles are a percussive ensemble. This electro-acoustic fusion spans six original tracks and four remixes– marking another unique development in Somatoast’s ever-evolving sound
  • Somatoast – Live Dreaming

    Suggested Price: $5.00

  • Somatoast – Goop

    Suggested Price: $3.00
    Austin native Somatoast returns with his second Gravitas album release, ‘Goop’, available now on all digital outlets. No stranger to the experimental and psychedelic realms of electronic music, Mark Rubin draws on IDM and glitch influences to provide a seven track sonic thrill ride full of visceral soundscapes and alluring melodies. Intricate sound design is his hallmark, and with finesse he effortlessly incorporates his refined palette into both dubby and downtempo frameworks.
  • 1. Cheyah (Original Mix) 2. Cheyah (Haywyre Remix) 3. Cheyah (CloZee Remix) 4. Cheyah (Psymbionic & Great Scott Remix) 5. Cheyah (GRUFF Remix) 6. Cheyah (Osiris & Sooko Remix) 7. Cheyah (Somatoast Remix)
  • 1. Earth Sing (Biolumigen's Starseed remix) 2. Quartz Resonance (Space Jesus remix) 3. See-Through Time (sAuce remix) 4. Earth Sing (Somatoast remix) 5. Chequamegon Dream (Beard-O-Bees refix) 6. Antediluvian Dub (Christ. remix) 7. Ten Thousand Oaks (Aligning Minds remix) 8. To Illumination (Soulacybin remix) 9. Night Heron (Eelko remix) 10. Grandfather Twilight (Pericles remix) 11. Quartz Resonance (Erothyme remix) 12. Akasha (Heavenly Father remix) 13. Quartz Resonance (Shamanic Technology remix) 14. Grandfather Twilight (Futexture's re-dusking) 15. To Illumination (Profresher remix) 16. See-Through Space (Loom In Essence remix) 17. Dreamtime (Sina. remix) 18. Neverending World (Mikey Likes iT dub remix) 19. Keep It Sacred, Keep It Safe (Heiss remix).flac