A glitchy, downtempo, ambient departure from the cacophonous dance party entries in Zebbler Encanti Experience’s pre-pandemic catalog, Syncorswim is a journey of the soul. Encanti’s stirring harmonic landscapes with Zebbler’s nature-inspired visual counterparts are a deeply felt response to a global encounter with death, isolation and the unfathomable resilience of love. In March 2020, Zebbler […]

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Ancient Technology

Three years after his visionary “Desert Horizon” single on Infusion, Vol. 3, Australia-based Chamberlain returns to Gravitas Recordings with Ancient Technology. Heavy basslines are tethered with organic acoustic atmospheres to create stomping beats across six mystical heaters. Featuring a collaboration with Projekt CC and an official remix by Zebbler Encanti Experience, Ancient Technology is a […]

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Future Self

Mostly known as the pioneer of the global bass genre, David Starfire comes to Gravitas Recordings with his newest musical creation, Future Self. Influenced by the culmination of his musical training and experiences with orchestras, marching band, sound design, EDM, and world music, David nods toward his years of music production to create a familiar, […]

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