Creation : Evolved

Creation : Evolved is a reimagining of Somatoast’s latest album ‘Creation is Creation,’ a tribute to the alchemy of creativity. Inspired by nature, Somatoast makes use of the natural world to serve technical, musical purposes. Seeds pods make shakers and icicles are a percussive ensemble. Evolution takes its course morphing the original tracks into a […]

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Cielo Aya (Remixed)

Shortly after the release of Cielo Aya by Liquid Bloom, Savej and Gracia Maria, rising artists Equanimous and DISSOLV join the project with two new remixes. Equanimous leads with a downtempo take, adding in ethereal underlying soundscapes, the use of handpans, and editing Savej’s Kargyraa vocals into a beatbox break. DISSOLV alters the track with […]

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Cielo Aya

Liquid Bloom, Savej, Gracia Maria, TAS Visuals and Gravitas Recordings have teamed up to honor and celebrate the indigenous cultures of the Amazon with the release of Cielo Aya. Proceeds from this release will be going to both Futuro Nativo and Alianza Arkana. Futuro Nativo supports sustainable economic growth in indigenous Amazonian communities and Alianza […]

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