Tides (The Remixes)

Grand Tapestry presents 5 remixes of their Tides album coming out October 21st. Merging hip-hop with classical Indian music, Grand Tapestry bridges that gap featuring Eligh, an independent hip-hop artist known for genre experimentation, and Alam Khan on the 25-stringed fretless instrument called the Sarode, and their diverse collective of collaborators. Tides heavily features traditional Indian […]

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Alam Khan and Eligh navigate through the mind, body, and soul with their latest Grand Tapestry album. Tides reflects the change that the human race, planet, and cosmos are presently experiencing via six original works and three bonus instrumentals. Featuring Raaginder on the violin and Kamaljeet Ahluwalia on the santoor, “Seagulls” encircle the beach shore […]

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