Nightvision : House Selects Vol. 1

Curated for DJs and all music lovers, we dug deep into the endless Gravitas discography to grab our biggest and best tracks that have been making waves on the dance-floors.

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Off The Grid

The title Off The Grid is no misnomer as Bósa explores stylistic territory just beyond the confines of house music, delivering us to a place of omni rhythmic harmony that truly feels like the future. Where previous releases served as an exploration of Stephan and Sunev’s collaborative potential, Off The Grid presets Bósa as a […]

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Walking in the Stars

Long ago, the Ancient Aztecs observed the stars through pond reflections. “Walking In The Stars,” out via Gravitas Recordings, is the celestial creation of Bosa, David Starfire, and AHEE that pays homage and serves as a connection to the ancient construct. From Sunev’s (Bosa) inspiration of indigenous musical sources and experiences traveling abroad, Stephan’s (Bosa) […]

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