Hailing from mid-Michigan, GRIZ is a young producer not to be overlooked. His electo-soul, future-funk dubstep beats are sure to keep you moving. Griz releases all his music for free and focuses on his live show, in which he incorporates live saxophone playing. He recently moved to Colorado, and is working on a new album release “Mad Liberation”.

“Ive done a bunch of different varied styles of music, because I like everything, but this is the stuff that I find truest to me, and how I see myself perceived to my fans.”

How has Soundcloud helped you?

“It’s helped me book gigs, build a career, and make money, and be able to keep doing this and producing free music for everybody. All my music is always free, I don’t charge anybody, and I just want you guys to come out to a show and see what we’re really doing live.”

Moving to Colorado has helped GRIZ work on collaborations and a new album “Mad Liberatioin”, along with working on the live show. He is now working on a project called Grizmatic, which is a collaboration between Griz and Gramatic and sold out the House of Blues. Be sure to listen in as GRIZ works his way to the top!

Video Production by Abboriginal:

Special thanks to Austen Bailey, Benjamin Schroeder, and Augustine Verrengia.