Blockhead is a multi-talented producer who has been producing since 1999. Born and raised in money-makin Manhattan, Blockhead has produced for many artists including Aesop Rock, Party Fun Action Committee and Illogic, along with his 5 full length solo albums. He takes his shows to the next level by incorporating live synth/vocoders and turntable technique beyond belief.

Do you find time to produce while on tour?

The last time I went on a larger tour, I made a bunch of beats in the van, and those later became music for my new album. It’s a good thing, it gets the creative juices flowing.

How has the software Ableton Live influenced your work?

With Ableton, it just opens up the horizons for what you can do, as far as matching samples and time streching. I never did that before with my last album and it just made for a completely different style of music. It pretty much redefined my sound, I think.

Blockhead played at Emo’s East alongside Shpongle, Emancipator and DJ Cam

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