Futexture presents with gratitude the 2013 Summer Tasty Treat Mix, a collection of unreleased, forthcoming, and reworked tunes played in heavy rotation over the past few months.  Transmuting subtle vibrational awareness into tangible auditory form is the logical evolution of a lifelong musical obsession for David Krantz, a 23 year old multi-instrumentalist and producer, based out of Asheville, NC.

Combining the rhythmic appeal of dubstep, glitch hop, and house with melodic dreamscapes, creative sound design, and acoustic instrumentation, Futexture skillfully weaves a futuristic blend of glitchy, bass-heavy IDM, jazzy techstep, and contemplative downtempo into a highly personal style.

Futexture – Cucumbear (Forthcoming via Gravitas Recordings)
Futexture – Land Trust (Unreleased)
Futexture – Untitled (Unreleased)
Robert Rice – Team Supreme vol 70. Great Dane Flip
Futexture – Vapor Trails
Lespecial – First Antler (Futexture’s Funk Drenched Epiphany) (Forthcoming)
Futexture – Spiraling Inward (VIP mix)
Futexture – Home (VIP Mix)
Futexture – Mangorangutan
Futexture – Rainbow Chaardvark (Unreleased)
Futexture – Untitled Coo Featuring Miss Coo (Unrecoo’d)
Futexture – Kineki Niko Encounters a Capybara



A member of the Re:Evolution Media family, Futexture has released music through Afro Monk Records, Circuitree Records, Labcoat, LostinSound, Forward Thinking Sounds, and Kalya Scintilla’s Merkaba Records.