This week is going to be a special week to be lost in the sounds offered in some select New England venues. A taste of the future you might say, and a little taste of psychedelic bass from The Bay to show us how those west coast vibes are feeling these days. Carbon Vapor productions, is hosting a NorthEast tour featuring Freddy Todd headlining, with support from west coast Composer/Producers ‘Dubvirus’ and ‘Soulular’. Freddy Todd originally a Michigan native raised 20 minutes outside of Detroit is a freak phenomenon of the futurebass and glitch/psychedelic bass world. 23 years old with about 17-18 albums under his belt a brand new one on the way, collaborations with some of the worlds finest bass explorers, and an ever growing tour schedule as ears are turned his way, we’ll do our best to let the music speak for itself, though there’s a lot to be said if you wanted to talk turkey on this kids beats. Songs like “Wave Therapy” are exactly that, therapeutic fractal bass tsunamis. ,  His remixes are absolutely mind melding on point redefinitions of the original composition including the bangers:  “Holla At”(with some delicious TLC samples(, “T.I. Top Back” (A supreme glitch thug banger), to his more cosmic space glitchsoul groove side expressed in songs like “Delic Licious” and “Laydout” , , this man is ready a set to impress if you like your low end, and you only mess with the best. For more info, tour dates, and Almost all of his music, (Everything he’s released himself at least) on his website free. Check out:, &

Now for his touring companions, Dubvirus is a man named Sacha born in Indiana now a native of San Francisco who has been producing for over a decade and decided to fully chase his dreams of music in 2011. He’s been making waves in the Bay Area and beyond since. He recently released a full album that’s available on beatport through Muti Records, “Spiral Animals” , and has a fresh list of remixes from recent months as well like his remix of Perkulat0rs- “Transcend. It doesn’t take too much listening of his trancy psychedelic bass progressions before you realize how nice it’d be to chill with it on a real P.A. system and get swaying and moving to the waves. Or bouncing to the rhythmic grime of the darker or heavier tracks. Find more about Dubvirus and enrich your ears with his music at, and

Soulular is hailing to us from the land of L.A. and the west coast at large. And seem all too ready to bring to the chill downtempo end of the glitch/bass persuasion. A forte for him indeed. Rockin’ out intergalactic dub love on laidback but groovily samples songs like “Internal Galaxies” To robotic downtempo ambient excursions “Existence” for example, Soulular has made his rounds in recent years and is firmly establishing himself as a skilled crafter of downtempo ambient, and soulful space dub. Responsible for releases through Gravitas Recordings, Forward Thinking Sounds, Mycelium Music, Muti Music, & Street Ritual. He’s previously supported acts like Opiuo, Kaminanda, Love and Light, Vibesquad, and besides rolling with Freddy and Dub Virus on this tour, he will be up at Shambhala & Luminosity festival in British Columbia, nothing too crazy right? For more info on Soulular check out these links;,

These artists are all still fresh young blood in terms of the developing bass culture here in North America and all bring something special to the table, I’d be hard pressed to explain how you could walk away from one of these shows without figuring out where to see one of these fellas next. Don’t miss your opportunity to catch them this week at WonderBar Tuesday the 27th, for LostinBoston. Then they make their way to Worcester the 28th for a stop at Electric Haze, then cruisin’ to Providence to hold it down at The Spot Underground Thursday. Final resting stop of the tour Portland, Maine at The Big Easy Friday the 30th for the cats up north. Might have something to do with Carbon Vapor Productions being behind this little thing growing up there called GreatNorth Fest(Sept. 19-24th), which Freddy performed at last year, and will return this year with a host of other cosmic compatriots to enthrall, and awaken your artistic intuitions and premonitions. That’s still a bit aways though, if you’re itchin for some glitchin, I’m sure we’ll see you this week.

Last but not least, Great North will be giving away 2 FREE Weekend Camping Passes at each show this week!  If one of those shows sells out, those tickets will be automatically upgraded to VIP passes!!  See you there!


Event Page Links:

Boston – Tuesday 5/27 –

Worcester – Wednesday 5/28 –

Providence – Thursday 5/29 –

Portland – Friday 5/30 –


Brought to you by Temporal Talent, Carbon Vapor, Lost in Sound, Gravitas Recordings, and Great North