Steven Ellison aka Flying Lotus has always had a unique take on his artistic vision. His musical project has always seemed to be much deeper than just music. His new projection stage set up is the ultimate example of his vision of the marriage of audio and video. Ellison states in an interview “We wanted to create something that felt magic” describing the stunning experience of “Layer 3” (which is the name they’ve come up with for the new A/V show).

Pictures and videos can only give you so much of a taste of Flying Lotus’ new live performance, the first hand experience for myself was one of the most incredible concerts that I’ve ever attended. One thing that i felt was totally unique about the show was that not only was he playing tons of dance-able upbeat stuff, but also played some of his more obscure tracks you would never expect to find its way into a concert setting. This really made me appreciate Flying Lotus’ artistic vision to its fullest seeing him take risks with music you wouldn’t expect to hear live, which is a big part of what seperates Flying Lotus from the norm.

Below I’ve included some videos from the show I attended in Denver , Colorado, as well as a cool little video from the “Layer 3” crew which dives into the behind the scenes of how the show works, and how the idea came about. If you have an opportunity to see this incredible show in your town , do not miss out on this unique experience !

Behind The Scenes Of “Layer 3”