Brendan Angelides, better known by his stage name Eskmo, is a Los Angeles based electronic music producer with music released on such labels as Ancestor, Ninja Tune, Warp Records and Planet Mu. Encompassing a wide range of electronic styles, he evades classification and has come to be recognized as having his own ‘Eskmo sound’.

Last year Brendan worked with Subpac to create their first audio visual installment at a sold out movie theater in LA. Inspired by this, he decided to bring that experience to the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Brendan wrote a song and worked with his friend the create an animation to perform a visual concert at Lafayette Elementary School in San Diego. The performance used the animation synced with the feeling of the music to help the deaf and hearing impaired children experience music in a way they may not have ever been able to otherwise.

This system can be connected to any song. Brendan plans to perform his next ‘concert’ in LA in fall of 2015.