Futuro Nativo Promoting sustainable, economic growth in indigenous communities, restoring our connection with earth and culture.

Futuro Nativo


Our ultimate goal is to support the emergence of a future that centers indigeneity.

This is a value system that emphasizes the Earth’s wellbeing as a primary element of society, a value system that connects humans to the world instead of separating us from it.

Our organization elevates Indigenous voices in a way that inspires action and participatory healing of the Earth and people. We believe in the collaborative responsibility to create a regenerative future that honors ancestral tradition in the context of our current global challenges.

How does the organization work?

We have created a support system to provide the financial and organizational elements required to maximize the impact of Indigenous Leaders and the projects they advocate for.

Projects that enable cross-cultural knowledge transmission and collaborative responsibility. By elevating Indigenous voices, we learn how to listen instead of speak, how to collaborate with the Earth, and build across differences in collaboration with wealth distribution that supports the needs of indigenous groups so they can thrive and continue proliferating their knowledge to the next generations.

What does regeneration mean to your organization?

For Futuro Nativo, land and culture are integral parts of one whole. Our philosophy defines regeneration not only as the restoration of land and its ecologies but also our human relationships with that land and the beings inhabiting it. Our restoration initiatives focus on designing ecological relationships that encourage biodiversity and resilience in the environment while our cultural work stems from the preservation of skills and knowledge. These elements are deeply interconnected as indigenous craft and medicine ways depend on a diverse and thriving jungle to be at their best.

Who benefits from your work?

Our work is a collaboration between the team of Futuro Nativo and the Indigenous communities themselves. We work to support projects in seven different villages in Peru, Brazil and Costa Rica. Our collaborators include the Puyawanawa, Huni Kui Pinuya, and Yawanawa Shukuvena people of Brazil, the BriBri and Boruca of Costa Rica and the Shipibo-Conibo of Peru. We look for Indigenous leaders that are under-resourced but have ideas that stimulate sustainable economic development and create long lasting change.

How does your organization support social regeneration?

It’s important that rural, “marginalized” communities are able to internally generate the change needed to address the challenges they face in a sustainable, adaptable manner. Often NGOs unintentionally create a dependency on outside resources that leads to more challenges down the line. Our approach to promote sovereignty is all about collaboration and partnership with community leaders that intimately understand the needs of their people. We work with them to identify which needs are priority, support the design of a feasible project and then strategize to get the necessary resources for it to be successful. All of the projects we support act as catalysts for community endeavours that generate income and prosperity long-term.

Together we create and build a new path, a different journey


We are the Earth Guardians with reverence for Gaia. The future of life on earth depends on our ability to honour the earth as a living breathing being.


We have lifelong relationships with the communities we work with, and building trust and having transparency with our donors of how funds support our projects is our foundation is integral to our work.


Mutual giving and receiving is the foundation for supporting our needs as humans and restoring balance to the earth.

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