Beat 4 Beat, formerly Beyond the Grade, is a non-profit that provides music education by working musicians, which allows the students to learn important musical lessons used in the real world, as well as gain knowledge of music as a career from a professional.


Beat 4 Beat

Beat 4 Beat’s curriculum, teaching staff, and program management focus on providing high-quality instruction and generating enthusiasm and engagement in students. The end-of-term goal is to perform together on stage during special showcases, featuring student bands alongside local and national artists.

Founder and Executive Director – Mark Turk

Born and raised in Alice TX, Mark Turk had spent his early years studying and performing music.  Mark left Alice in 1995 to attend Texas State University in San Marcos TX.  He studied business at the University, however he could not escape the allure of music.  He began performing with local bands.  Upon graduating, Mark moved to Austin Texas to be in the middle of the live music capital of the world.

For the next 10 years, Mark performed, recorded, and toured with local musicians.  In 2007 Mark enrolled at MediaTech where he was certified in audio engineering and began music engineering.  Since then, Mark has been teaching music classes for public and private schools, as well as private music lessons on bass, guitar, piano, and voice.

Beat 4 Beat IS BORN!

After working with at-risk students in AISD, and discovering the needs of music education in public schools, Mark saw how beneficial music was to these children.  The students gained new friendships, attended classes more regularly and showed more interests in academics.

Beat 4 Beat was started by Mark in 2014, formerly known as “Beyond the Grade”, to support the needs of his at-risk students in the Austin area. As the organization grew, Mark hired his musician friends, giving them supplemental income while chasing their musical aspirations.

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