Beyond just moving bodies and stirring emotion, music can be a powerful vehicle for social change; Gravitas Recordings teamed up with Every90Minutes to curate Beat ALS for all of the above reasons. The charity compilation, released today, will donate 100% of proceeds directly to ALS research. The compilation showcases a smooth blend of diverse artists from all ends of the spectrum: Bassnectar, Mr. Bill, Au5, Dub FXEliot LippPsymbionic and many more eclectic names can be found on the release.

Jay Smith, founder of music tech company Livid Instruments, was inspired to start Every90Minutes after his own ALS diagnosis. Every 90 minutes someone is diagnosed with ALS and another person dies, thus the name of the organization came into fruition.  The Foundation is dedicated to funding the most promising research and treatment for ALS, and provides an inspirational beacon for others affected by his disease.

THUMP premiered the entire Beat ALS album the day before the official release, along with an interview by Jay himself.

“Given that there is no treatment for ALS, not one single pill, I rely on a few non-medical things to keep me going; one is laughter and the other is music….Music can do so much for the mind, body and spirit. For ALS patients, if you live long enough the only thing you have left are you eyes and ears—listening becomes a very big part of your life,” Jay told THUMP.

UKF Dubstep premiered the track “Spawn” by Au5, Fractal and Bird of Prey on their Youtube channel the week prior to the official compilation release. UKF also declared Beat ALS as being “Officially THE most important album released

[that] week.”

The compilation has continued to gain support, attention and most importantly donations for ALS research throughout our community. We have been genuinely humbled and moved by the support we have received as we continue to read your posts and reviews on Beat ALS. We were honored to work with Jay on this project, and hope to continue diminishing human suffering through ALS research efforts and beyond. We will keep you updated on how much the release ends up raising for ALS. Thank you for your support. We couldn’t do this without the community.

Gravitas Nation.