Rob Vogel is an electronic music producer based in Los Angeles, CA. Synth-heavy and science fiction-inspired, his 2014 debut “Hologram” EP quickly became an early staple in the emerging synthwave genre.

With a sound focused on the future, yet firmly wired into the roots of retro-futurism, Vogel’s music is an homage to neon cyberpunk dystopia, space exploration, noir film, and odd science. Like an AI love story, projected from 2047 onto a broken screen in 1984 via some interdimensional device. As if an old issue of OMNI magazine could come to life in aural form.

His follow-up single IMPERIVM / Different Skin in 2017 saw a slighty darker direction, with influences of techno and future garage on the two track offering, with a visual juxtaposition of high art and low technology.