Tahabdra is a live electronic duo using a unique tuning system built with the biologically beneficial frequency – 528Hz, along with the numerical roots of the natural world – golden ratio & Fibonacci sequence. The goal is to get people dancing and feeling good while having a positive effect on the body and striving to ease tension through the use of the numerical roots of the natural world.

The innovative tuning system, developed by drummer/electronic musician Josh Weinberg, takes life aided by the wizardry of Dominican-born producer/DJ Wiggz Caro. The two met while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, both graduating with degrees in Electronic Production & Design. The duo released their debut EP PHI in October 2017 and had the release party at Alex Grey’s world renown CoSM. Tahabdra followed this release with their “psytrap” single CALICO on Infinity Mirrors, a compilation Zebbler Encanti Experience curated for Gravitas Recordings featuring Au5, Nibana, Moniker, and more. Tahabdra then released their aggressive yet minimal 808 banger, TAHUL, in March 2018, aspiring to ride the line between such acts as Ivy Lab and Tool. The duo continued their string of releases with the two-track Nosaro, released in May 2018, inspired by artists like The Prodigy and Noer the Boy. In March 2019, Tahabdra released their 3-track experimental DnB EP TRIPTYCH with features on The Untz, DNB Dojo, and Lost in Sound.

Tahabdra’s press credits include ill.Gates’s Producer Dojo platform, EARMILK, Lost in Sound, The Untz, and DNB Dojo. Through these features, fans have been able to get a closer look into what Tahabdra is all about as the duo unravels the details on how they use the biologically beneficial frequency & naturally occurring numerical patterns. to produce music that gets people dancing while exploring the possibility that sound, and more so music, can potentially have a positive effects on a cellular/molecular level.

In the short time since the birth of Tahabdra, the project already has a substantial performance history; as direct support for ZEE (Zebbler Encanti Experience) w/ Sixis, headlining a Shpongle afterparty at the House of Blues Boston, headlining The Reliquarium’s Sublimation event, direct support for ill.Gates @ the Boston official Envision Festival preparty, performing right after Diplo at Psychedelic Sleepover Festival in NH, late night after lespecial at Unifier Festival, and another headlining afterparty for Infected Mushroom at HOB Boston. The duo works relentlessly to make sure each show is a unique experience – with Josh on live drums & electronics and Wiggz on Ableton Push, both play multiple parts simultaneously and achieve a balance between improvisation with strict composition, no two sets being the same. After years of national and international touring experience with other artists and projects, these two musicians are joining forces as Tahabdra to bring audiences new sounds and innovative live shows filled with ecstatic energy and virtuosic performance. Tahabdra is much more than just pressing play on a computer.