Starcadian is an independent electronic producer and musician. His music first gained notoriety with the release of his hit music video for the song HE^RT and subsequent screening at the SXSW music festival.  The debut album, ‘Sunset Blood’, was released on October 31st, 2013 to rave reviews and with its genre bending voyage through 80’s fantasy soundtracks, electro and pop, has become a staple of the synth scene  It was quickly followed by the EP ‘Saturdaze’, which stayed at the top of the Bandcamp Electronic Music charts for weeks. Since then, his music has been featured in HBO shows, Asics campaigns, League Of Legends and Korg commercials among other things.

He often describes his songs as ‘ear movies’ and albums as ‘original soundtracks’, as they often incorporate aesthetics of timeless fantasy and vintage science fiction films. Additionally, he writes a script for each album with his frequent collaborator, Rob O’Neill, before writing the music.

Starcadian also directs and produces his own music videos, creating his own visual effects. Recently, he collaborated with Korg on a 2-minute sci-fi commercial short for the Arp Odyssey.