Born and raised in the swamps of New Orleans, Louisiana, Donnie Bergeron has been producing music since the age of 15. From a young age, he had a serious passion for older techno and trance. From ages 15-20, Donnie was self-employed recording and producing beats for a good handful of New Orleans rappers, under the name Donnie B Productions.

At age 20, Donnie decided to pursue the Savej (pronounced savage) project.

“I don’t really care about the whole genre war, I just like to make music people can bounce to … and I really love 808s.”

Savej is a blend of 808s, disco, groove, trap, bounce, twerk, and the occasional dirty dub tracks that aim at being different from the norm.

Live shows are FILLED with energy from Savej because even though he has a love for 808s, he also some funk and heavy dub. The combination and variety in his sets has proven to keep any dance floor jumpin’.