A native of Northwest Montana, Caleb Young (a.k.a. sAuce) developed an early appreciation for underground hip hop and experimental electronica. Young quickly delved deeper into these evolving genres at a young age, and after experiencing the West Coast’s immensely creative arts community in 2007, Young picked up his first set of turntables and sAuce was born.

sAuce started producing his own music in early 2009, and now after five years of intricately crafting his unique sound, he has taken his art to a new level. His compositions are saturated with visceral journeys that guide his listeners through a multi-dimensional, immersive experience. Never confined to one genre, sAuce’s music is flavored with tastes of everything from crunchy, hip hop influenced beats to the futuristic musings of a New Age romantic. No emotional stone is left unturned through sAuce’s musical explorations, making his sets both dynamic and gratifying.

In May of 2011, sAuce saw his debut EP, Candy Painted Frequencies (via GruntWorthy), landed in Addictech’s top ten releases of the month. He later completed a full-length album, Forge Through Future in 2012, and more recently a two track E.P. Don’t You Know / Guilty Pleasures which are both available on his Bandcamp page. On May 26th, 2013 he released his two track EP, 19∞9 on Muti Music. Already making his mark on the West Coast Bass Movement, sAuce is one to watch as he takes on 2014.