Rion King loves you. And that mischievous grin which appears to be trapped on his face is the proof.
He is the dealer of the contagious joy that you’ve been looking for, and he’s anxious to get you hooked.
He loves teasing the listener with the joyous idea of letting the grip on control slip away.
And tonight… Letting it all go, is where it all begins.

His strong connection to the energy of an environment, combined with a keen ability to manipulate sound, allows him to masterfully decimate an audience’s impatience. Throughout his set, a barrage of delectably choice cuts hold steady on a course to ignite and elevate the crowd, weaving together a collective celebration of life in the moment. Groovealicious electro disco, glitchy funked up dub step, and booty droppin bass lines are all getting served up fresh on his late night menu.

His early musical passions were ignited by an experience at Dance Valley ’97, in the Netherlands.
Those embers were quickly stoked when he befriended a global group of eccentric music lovers, and began to DJ that same year. As the fire grew within, so did his pursuit of a musically centric existence.

Those endeavors include the co-founding of Mental Note Collective in 2001, Texas’ longest running drum’n’bass weekly. The formation of Nomad Sound Inc. in 2005, which fostered his belief that music should be powerfully transmitted to every audience. In 2008 he began touring as a lead audio engineer in New Belgium Brewery’s “Tour de Fat,” the world’s largest solar powered music festival. And in 2009, a desire to establish solid studio productions skills lead him to work with Toronto based musician and vocalist Dylan Goodhue, together they now form the foundation of the live electro outfit, Danzer Danzer.