Liquid Bloom was created by Amani Friend (of Desert Dwellers) in 2001 as a soundtrack for healing and the exploration of inner states. Blending nature sounds, world instrumentation, rhythmic chanting, and medicine songs, the sound forged under the banner of Liquid Bloom was deeply ambient from the beginning and inspired by musical concepts rooted in the earth, meditation, and the power of music to elucidate the trance-like states revered by so many of the world’s ancient lineages. Evolving over the years from its initial ambient roots, the Liquid Bloom discography as it exists today hits on virtually every style of electronic music, and the project occupies a unique facet of the electro-acoustic landscape in its intention and adaptability, with Amani’s collaborations with instrumentalists, vocalists, producers, visual artists, and poets playing a critical role in the project’s identity as it continues to evolve. Whether experienced on the dance floor, or paired with meditation, yoga, bodywork, or ceremony, Liquid Bloom grants the listener a spacious soundtrack in our quest for inspiration and creative insight.