Electro/Soul moniker Krooked Drivers (formerly a duo) has been captivating ears ever since the launch of the Krooked Drivers musical vision in 2011. Once accompanied by Maddy O’Neal the duo split February of 2016 putting the Krooked Drivers duo to rest and leaving D’Albora to take on KD as a solo project. The mind now behind Krooked Drivers is Donnie D’Albora who is based out of Denver, Colorado and born and raised in New York. Krooked Drivers stays keeping the sounds of the past alive sampling vinyl records from past eras of time collaging breaks and organic elements creating an entirely new feeling and direction. Blending heavy hitting bass lines with neck breaking drum patterns and endless sample chops rest assured Krooked Drivers will take you on an emotion driven musical roller coaster ride that will leave you begging for more.