Kendall Clark is currently wrapping up his debut solo album titled “In Somniums” to be released on Gravitas Recordings summer 2012. Covering a wide range of styles, Clark takes influences from experimental, future bass, tech house and indie genres to create a sound that is vibrant and diverse. The track The Dream paints an other-worldly dream scape in which the protagonist awakes. Following in the footsteps of Radiohead, Clark takes you on a psychedelic journey through the unknown.

At the other end of the spectrum, ‘Sub Dub’ creates a mellow floating mood before dropping into a deep sub bass groove. Halfway through the song, Clark gives a nod to Sigur Ros with a slow shoegaze bridge that leads into a lush cascade of ethereal vocals, bells, and soaring pads. When this moment of bliss concludes, you float back into the deep groove one last time. The track ‘Space Ride’ takes you straight to the dance floor. A driving tech house beat is accompanied by vintage bass and stabs crafting a disco groove the likes of Chromeo and Breakbot. This tongue and cheek track is about a girl getting picked up by a super suave space baller who has traveled the span of the universe to find her.

For live performances, Clark has teamed up with visual artist and label mate Jason Torres and together they craft a multimedia experience that is visually stunning and inspiring. Clark performs using a Live PA method making his performances organic and different from the recordings. With the addition of a microphone and live effects, Clark creates new remixes of his material every show making each individual performance a unique experience. Clark’s debut release ‘Beat Box’ was included on Gravitas Recordings compilation ‘Virtus In Sonus’. He also appears on the track ‘Slimy’ in collaboration with Jason Torres as Neon Black.

During the sumer of 2011, Clark served as Director of Audio for the interactive audio-visual installation Synapse which debuted at Burning Man 2011. The brain child of Robin Arnott, Synapse uses a Microsoft Kinect camera to records the player/ dancer’s activity which then influences the music and visuals. Clark also scored the experimental short film, Codes of Awakening by Elijah Parker.

When not playing electronic music Kendall can be found playing drums with the instrumental indie chamber rock band Balmorhea. He also runs and produces tutorials and videos for the Ableton Live tutorial blog Together, with colleague Steven Campbell, they write weekly articles on performance and production tips, Ableton Live news, as well as give away freebies ranging from synth patches to sample packs. Currently in post production, Clarks debut album is scheduled to release in late summer 2012. Keep up with Clark’s and other Gravitas Artist’s future releases and tour dates at