Simon Shackleton has an illustrious history in the music industry dating back 25 years when he left Exeter University with a Masters Degree in classical composition. He has played and recorded in bands such as The Headless Chickens with the likes of Thom Yorke (Radiohead), and got his start as a DJ alongside Felix Buxton (Basement Jaxx) during the early ‘90s acid house revolution. Since then he’s enjoyed a successful career under a number of guises including Elite Force, Lunatic Calm and Zodiac Cartel winning several prestigious awards along the way, most notably for his Revamped Series. His music has been featured in over 40 movies (including the original Matrix), dozens of TV shows and adverts, and a plethora of game soundtracks including Motorstorm : Apocalypse, which he co-wrote with multiple Oscar-winner Klaus Badelt (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Noisia.

Over the past two decades he has run multiple award-winning record labels, including Scene & Herd, Stereophoenix, U&A Recordings and Fused & Bruised, whilst finding time to headline festivals from the US to Australia and cause dancefloor bedlam anywhere from Canada to mainland China. He has previously soared with aliases but is now increasingly renowned and respected for his outstanding, and often heroically long, House andTechno DJ sets under his own name. His One Series events (One DJ, One Room, All Night) epitomize his passionate and community-orientated spirit, cultivating a devoted following of participants and creative collaborators around the world.

Simon’s first artist album in 10 years, Piece of Me, was released in May 2016 via a successful crowdfunded Pledge Music campaign that reached over 250% of its goal. This eclectic album ranges from driving Chemical Brothers-esque techno to indie-infused rock-tronica with comparisons that range from Pink Floyd to Underworld. It is truly electronic music with heart and soul. His soundtrack skills are also in increasing demand amongst the game development community for his next level sound designer skills and flair for delivering a fusion of orchestration and electronic content.